Alcohol & Other Drugs Screening Tool

If you answer yes to any of the questions below you may have some symptoms of addiction.  Several "yes" answers may indicate that you do have a problem with substances.


Please contact us for assistance if you have any concerns at 845.294.9000.

  • Do you have a high tolerance for alcohol and other drugs?


  • Does your drinking and drugging keep you from dealing with reality?


  • Does your personality change because of drinking or drugging?


  • Do you have blackouts / memory losses?


  • Do you have difficulty stopping your drinking or drugging once you have begun?


  • Do you repeatedly break promises about drinking, drugging and/or taking responsibility?


  • Do you gulp drinks or compulsively use drugs?


  • Are your relationships strained because of drinking/drugging?


  • Are you defensive when confronted about drrinking or drug use behaviors?


  • Are you drinking or using drugs alone?


  • Is your personal appearance deteriorating?


  • Are you neglectful or abusive with your family or friends?


  • Have you become isolated?


  • Are you absent or late for work and other events because of your drinking/drug use?


  • Have your personal responsibilities deteriorated and/or your personal values broken down because of your drinking or drug use?

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Get Educated.

Alcoholism and drug addiction can affect anyone. 

ADAC provides confidential referrals and information to any person in need.  Do you or someone you know have a problem?


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